Wonderfest’s “Cosmic NightLife” at the California Academy of Sciences, Oct 22

Cosmic NightlifeWhether you’re a NightLife regular or rookie, Wonderfest’s Cosmic NightLife is not to be missed. It features three of the most exciting and insightful space experts in the Bay Area — and perhaps on planet Earth. Here’s the schedule and line-up:
7:00pm – Chris McKay (Planetary Scientist, NASA-Ames) on “Challenges and Mysteries of Planetary Exploration” — As we explore the many worlds in our Solar System, we are continually surprised. Challenges and mysteries remain: the most interesting of which is the question of life.
7:45pm – Dan Werthimer (SETI@home Chief Scientist, UC Berkeley) on “If We’re Not Alone, When Will Earthlings Find ET?” — The Fermi Paradox asks, “If extraterrestrial intelligence is common in the cosmos, then where is everybody?” Current and future SETI projects, including the new $100-million Breakthrough Foundation Listen project, may finally provide an answer.
8:30pm – Alex Filippenko (Professor of Astronomy, UC Berkeley) on “A Universe of Universes? Reflection on Life and the Cosmos” — The Laws of physics, as well as cosmic statistics, may imply the existence of multiple universes, only a small minority of which could be suitable for the development of complexity and life as we know it. Come hear arguments favoring the existence of a “multiverse,” of which our universe is one special member.
  • WHAT:  Wonderfest’s “Cosmic NightLife” at the Cal Academy
  • WHO:  Alex Filippenko, UC Berkeley; Chris McKay, NASA-Ames; Dan Werthimer, UC Berkeley
  • WHEN:    6:00 PMThursday, October 22
  • WHERE:  California Academy of Sciences, 55 Music Concourse Drive, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
  • TICKETS:  Purchase tickets at this Cal Academy site
  • WHY:  Because we’re curious creatures.


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