Revenge of the Dwarf Planet: What Really Happened to Pluto, Oct 26

Revenge of the Dwarf PlanetCelebrated public astronomer Andrew Fraknoi takes us behind the scenes on Pluto’s demotion to “dwarf planet,” explaining why its story might still turn out OK. In July, the New Horizons spacecraft flew by the double planet Pluto-Charon and gave us superb close-up views of both worlds for the first time. Though New Horizons data will keep coming to us for a whole year, Fraknoi will give an update on what we now know about these icy worlds at the outskirts of our solar system.

  • WHAT:  Revenge of the Dwarf Planet: What Really Happened to Pluto
  • WHO:  Andrew Fraknoi, Chair of the Astronomy Department, Foothill College
  • WHEN:    Monday, October 26 — 6:30pm check-in, 7:00pm program
  • WHERE:  Cubberley Theater, 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto
  • HOW:  In association with Commonwealth Club Silicon Valley.
  • WHY:  Because we’re curious creatures.

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