Laser Micro-imaging; Mental Time Travel – Mar 24

Wonderfest Science Envoys are early-career researchers with special communication skills and aspirations. Following short talks on provocative modern science topics, these two Science Envoys will answer questions with insight and enthusiasm:

• UC Berkeley physicist Jeske Dioquino on "Laser Micro-imaging" — With the help of the electron microscope, researchers are taking pictures of some of nature's smallest biological structures. To improve the contrast in these images, allowing us to study even smaller structures, a high-intensity laser joins the fray.

• Stanford neurobiologist Marc Harrison on "Mental Time Travel" — As we grow older, our ability to mentally time travel via episodic memory begins to change. Recent advances that utilize biomarkers of disease states, in combination with neuroimaging, have opened exciting new doors in the early detection of Alzheimer's disease.

WHAT: Ask a Science Envoy: Laser Micro-imaging and Mental Time Travel
WHO: Jeske Dioquino (UC Berkeley) & Marc Harrison (Stanford), Wonderfest Science Envoys
WHERE: ONLINE via Zoom, with this link: []
WHEN: 2021-03-24 — 8pm PDT, Wed, Mar 24 (1 hour)

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