Two Solar Eclipses – Aug 28

Two eclipses of the sun are coming to North America during the academic year ahead: an annular (“ring of fire”) eclipse on October 14, 2023, and a total eclipse on April 8, 2024. Observers in two narrow paths will have the full eclipse experience each time. Everyone else (an estimated 500 million people, including all of us in the Bay Area) will see a nice partial eclipse, where the moon covers a good portion of the sun.

Astronomer extraordinaire Andrew Fraknoi will describe how eclipses come to be (and why they are total only on Earth), what scientists learn during eclipses, exactly when and where the eclipses of October and April will be best visible, and how to observe the eclipses safely.

Andrew Fraknoi

WHAT: Two Solar Eclipses
WHO: Andrew Fraknoi, Chair Emeritus, Foothill College Astronomy Department []
WHERE: Commonwealth Club of California, 110 The Embarcadero, SF, CA 94105 & ONLINE
WHEN: 2023-07-28 — 5:30 PT, Monday, Aug 28 (1 hour)

Visit the Commonwealth Club event website (below) for info about the two types of ticketsin-person and online. During the final steps of ticket acquisition, use discount code WonderfestPromo for $10 off. (That price reduction renders the online ticket entirely FREE.) In-person attendees will receive a free pair of safe-viewing glasses for the partial eclipse phases.