Exoplanets & Alien Life – Jan 29

Humanity has looked up at the stars for millennia and wondered whether we're alone in the Universe. Yet only in the past few decades have we begun to discover planets outside our Solar System: to date, we've found over 4,000 such "exoplanets." Further, we have statistical reasons to believe that roughly one billion exoplanets — in our Galaxy alone — are promising abodes for life. Come learn about exoplanets and the exciting search for Earth-like and potentially habitable worlds.

Our speaker, Andy Mayo, is a PhD student and researcher in the UC Berkeley Astronomy Department. He is also a Wonderfest Science Envoy.

Andrew Mayo

WHAT: Exoplanets and the Search for Alien Life
WHO: Andrew Mayo, UC Berkeley Astronomy Department
WHERE: ONLINE, via Zoom: [https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82195772545]
WHEN: 2021-01-29 — 8pm PST, Friday, Jan 29 (1 hr)

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