What is AI? – Sep 3

The artificial intelligence (AI) that we've seen in fiction bears little resemblance to the AI we have in the real world. Stanford PhD researcher Andrey Kurenkov will analyze the real-world meaning of AI, describe what researchers in AI actually do, and explore how impressive — or not — recent AI achievements really are.

Andrey Kurenkov does research at Stanford's Vision and Learning Lab. He produces the weekly Skynet Today newsletter ("Putting AI News in Perspective"), and he is a Wonderfest Science Envoy. Andrey will answer questions during the video premiere via the YouTube "chat" bar, and afterward, via live Zoom session.

Andrey Kurenkov

WHAT: What Is "Artificial Intelligence"?
WHO: Andrey Kurenkov, AI Researcher, Vision & Learning Lab, Stanford [https://www.andreykurenkov.com]
WHERE: YouTube Video Premiere, then, Live Zoom Q&A [https://youtu.be/h5vpSfB5l3o]
Map: [https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89677333093]
WHEN: 2020-09-03 — 8pm, Thu, August 27 (1.5 hr)

First, at 8:00pm, watch the YouTube video Premiere of "What is AI?" as Andrey Kurenkov answers questions via the YouTube chat bar: https://youtu.be/h5vpSfB5l3o

Then, immediately after the video, log in to a LIVE Zoom Q&A session with Andrey: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89677333093

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