The Unconscious Mind

Psychologists are discovering that unconscious motivators dominate human behavior. The pervasive influence of the unconscious mind affects every aspect of our lives: from when we blink (of course!) ... to whom we love, what we buy, and how we vote. Nevertheless, our fates are not sealed. These same psychologists can help us to lead better lives — where even the meaning of "better" becomes a more conscious decision.
Our speaker, John A. Bargh, directs Yale University's ACME (Automaticity in Cognition, Motivation, and Evaluation) Laboratory. Of Dr. Bargh's latest book, Before You Know It: The Unconscious Reasons We Do What We Do, Malcolm Gladwell writes: "[It] moves our understanding of the mysteries of human behavior one giant step forward. A brilliant and convincing book."

Dr. John Bargh

WHAT: The Unconscious Mind
WHO: Dr. John Bargh, Professor of Psychology, Yale University
WHERE: Bookshop West Portal, 80 W. Portal Avenue, San Francisco []
WHEN: 2017-10-24 — 7:00pm, Tuesday, October 24, 2017
HOW: This FREE event is presented in collaboration with Bookshop West Portal. Please register with Eventbrite, below; and please consider purchasing Dr. Bargh's new book upon arrival at the Bookshop.