The Human Drive to Explain

Stephen J. Gould described humans as “the primates who tell stories.” Psychologist Robyn Dawes took it one step further, arguing that we’re "the primates whose cognitive capacity shuts down in the absence of a story.” Why are we so motivated to find a good story or explanation? Is this tendency beneficial? Cognitive psychologist Tania Lombrozo will suggest that our "drive to explain" itself explains some of the most remarkable human achievements, but also some of our failings.
Dr. Tania Lombrozo is Professor of Psychology at UC Berkeley, where she directs the Concepts and Cognition Lab. She is also an affiliate of the Department of Philosophy and a member of the Institute for Congitive and Brain Sciences.

Dr. Tania Lombrozo

WHAT: The Human Drive to Explain
WHO: Dr. Tania Lombrozo, Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley
WHERE: Franklin Room at Aduro Biotech, 740 Heinz Avenue, Berkeley []
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WHEN: 2018-02-08 — 6:00pm, Thursday, February 8, 2018

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