The Biggest Ideas – Sep 20

Physicists do their best to discover the deepest rules of reality. Renowned physicist and author Sean Carroll — formerly at Caltech, now at Johns Hopkins — has just published the first of three books on The Biggest Ideas in the Universe for the physicist in each of us. In this presentation, jointly produced by the Commonwealth Club and Wonderfest, Prof. Carroll will focus on how the most basic concepts in nature (space, time, and motion) allow us to build a coherent sense of physical reality — and how they can lead us to newfound wonder.

Dr. Sean Carroll is the Homewood Professor of Natural Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University. His popular books include Something Deeply Hidden and From Eternity to Here, and his podcast is entitled Mindscape. Here, Dr. Carroll's 45-minute presentation will be followed by 15 minutes of audience Q&A via YouTube chat.

Dr. Sean Carroll

WHAT: The Biggest Ideas: Space, Time, & Motion
WHO: Dr. Sean Carroll, Professor of Natural Philosophy, Johns Hopkins University []
WHEN: 2022-09-20 — 3pm, Tue, September 20 (1 hour)

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