Jaws of Life – Nov 14

One of the defining features of all mammals is, surprisingly, the set of bones that form the hearing system. Those bones evolved from jaw components in our mammalian ancestors. In the evolutionary process of repurposing them for hearing, mammals came to possess a jaw configuration different from all other jawed vertebrates. Here is the story of how the unique jaws of mammals fundamentally changed the form and function of how we bite.

Our speaker is Dr. Jack Tseng, Associate Professor of Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley, where he directs the Functional Anatomy and Vertebrate Evolution (FAVE) Laboratory. Dr. Tseng's specialties include the evolution of humanity's best friend, the dog.

Dr. Jack Tseng

WHAT: Jaws of Life: The (R)evolutionary Story of the Mammalian Bite
WHO: Dr. Jack Tseng, Assoc. Professor of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley [https://sites.google.com/site/zjtseng/laboratory]
WHERE: HopMonk Tavern, 224 Vintage Way, Novato CA 94945 [https://www.hopmonk.com/novato]
WHEN: 2023-11-14 — 7pm, Tuesday, Nov 14 (1.5 hr)

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