Joy of Science – Oct 16

How do the methods of science enrich the world for us? The latest book by physicist Jim Al-Khalili, The Joy of Science, invites us to engage with the world as scientists do. It discusses the nature of truth and uncertainty, the role of doubt, the pros and cons of simplification, the value of guarding aginst bias, the importance of evidence-based thinking — all ideas that can empower us to think more objectively, see through the fog of our preexisting beliefs, and lead a more fulfilling life.

Dr. Jim Al-Khalili is Distinguished Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Surrey in England. Having written 14 popular books and having earned the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication, he is also a university chair in the public engagement in science. Dr. Al-Khalili will discuss The Joy of Science with Kishore Hari, Science Correspondent at

Dr. Jim Al-Khalili

WHAT: The Joy of Science
WHO: Dr. Jim Al-Khalili, Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Surrey, UK []
WHERE: ONLINE, with the Commonwealth Club
WHEN: 2023-10-16 — 5:30, Monday, Oct 16 (1 hour)

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