Does Social Networking Have Side Effects?


When we talk about social networks, we’re almost always talking about online networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, weblogs. Constantly changing and ever-increasing online media offer us unique ways to connect, collaborate, and express our interests and creativity. Yet, questions have been raised about the widespread use of social networks, revealing a complex picture of the impact these technologies have on diverse issues such as community, tolerance, marketing and promotion, political engagement, and trust. Does social networking isolate people and reduce the significance of their relationships, or are there benefits to being connected to others in this way?

Does Social Networking Have Side Effects? from Wonderfest on

WHAT:  Does Social Networking Have Side Effects?
WHO:  Nancy Adler, Professor of Psychology, UCSF
           Ed Chi, Staff Research Scientist, Google
           Jack Conte, musician & videographer, independent
           Dean Eckles, social scientist & statistician, Facebook
           Cliff Nass, Professor of Communication, Stanford
WHERE:  Braun Auditorium, Mudd Bldg., 333 Campus Drive West, Stanford

WHEN:   February 16, 2013

HOW:  Moderated by Jennifer Jongsma, Director of Production, Annual Reviews


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