Quanta and Fields – May 14

Arguably, quantum field theory (QFT) presents humanity's deepest insights into the rules of reality, i.e., into the laws of existence. QFT allows us to describe — with remarkable accuracy — the particles and forces that animate the cosmos, including the stuff of mind and body. Note that calling QFT a theory pays the highest scientific compliment: QFT has vast scope, and QFT is supported by an extraordinary amount of evidence.

Wonderfest and the Commonwealth Club present physicist Sean Carroll to discuss key ideas in his latest book, The Biggest Ideas In the Universe: Quanta and Fields. As in his first Biggest Ideas book (Space, Time, and Motion), Dr. Carroll goes beyond analogies to show how physicists really think about nature's underlying principles.

WHAT: Sean Carroll: Exploring Quanta and Fields
WHO: Dr. Sean Carroll, Professor of Natural Philosophy, Johns Hopkins University [https://www.preposterousuniverse.com]
WHEN: 2024-05-14 — 3pm PT, Tuesday, May 14 (1 hour)

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