Wonderfest is a non-profit educational corporation dedicated to enlarging the notion of “scientific community” through science popularization. Revenues originate from the good will of forward thinking individuals and institutions dedicated to the spread of the scientific outlook.


With Gratitude to AT&T for its support of Wonderfest’s efforts in STEM education, and with special thanks to Rhuenette Alums.
With tremendous appreciation for Aduro Biotech’s funding of the Carl Sagan Prize for Science Popularization.
KramboLogo The Krambo Corporation for its continuing support — in word and in deed — of Wonderfest’s overall mission and, in particular, of its Science Envoy Pilot Project; with special thanks to the entire Douglas & Raymonde Kramlich family.
Pasco To Pasco for its support of Wonderfest’s “Massometer” project and its kind lending of science equipment for use in Radical Physics; with special thanks to PASCO president Paul Stokstad.
logo  Thanks, too, to the Stanford Chemistry Department — and especially Professor Richard Zare — for awarding the Wonderfest founder the title of “visiting scholar.”


Institutional Supporters:

Stanford University

 The Stanford Chemistry Department often co-sponsors Wonderfest events. Special thanks to Richard Zare, Ed Caron, and Barbara March.
UC Berkeley

The Berkeley Physics Department offers crucial logistical support for UC-related events.  Special thanks to Chris McKee, Frances Hellman, Carol Dudley, and Maria Hjelm.
The Planetary Society

The Planetary Society and Wonderfest share the goal of continued planetary exploration and the search for life in the cosmos. Much gratitude to the Society for helping to spread the word about Wonderfest.
Marin Science Seminar
The Science Seminar is a one-hour lecture presentation (with a question and answer period) designed for high school students in the San Rafael High School District, but open to all interested Marin teenagers, educators, and their families.  Seminar speakers are scientists, mathematicians, engineers, physicians, and computer programmers with relevant degree and public speaking experience.  Wonderfest collaborates with MSS to find good speakers and to enlarge the Marin audience for science exploration — thus enhancing the concept of “scientific community” in the North Bay.  …With great thanks to MSS founder and driving force Alfia Wallace.
Mt. Tam Astronomy Program   *Explore the Wonders of the Universe*

MTAP is an educational program designed to give the general public and students of all ages a better understanding of our universe by hearing about current theories and discoveries followed by an opportunity to observe through telescopes.  Wonderfest and MTAP collaborate to present science speakers — principally astronomers and physicists — for the enlightenment and intellectual thrill of the general public.  …With big thanks to MTAP creator and guiding light, Tinka Ross.
Bay Area Skeptics

BAS encourages rational thought and critical thinking through the use of scientific methods. BAS interest is particularly drawn to claims of the paranormal, pseudoscience, and untested or poorly tested medical and psychotherapeutic practices. Wonderfest is grateful to the BAS Board of Directors — in particular to its President Genie Scott.
Ask a Scientist

AaS, the first science cafe in San Francisco, collaborates with Wonderfest to produce many public events. Wonderfest is especially indebted to AaS founder Juliana Gallin.
From the very beginning, thanks to the thoughtfulness of Chris McKee and Dan Werthimer, Wonderfest has been endorsed by:

And Wonderfest owes a special debt of gratitude to Mike & Rwena Holaday
for their tireless and indispensable help at most every Wonderfest event!


Individual Supporters

The following individuals have also contributed significantly to the ongoing welfare of Wonderfest:

  • Kristian Akseth
  • Karen Allman
  • Rob Arnott
  • Jeffrey Balash
  • Clarence Bakken
  • Madelyn Baran
  • Lori Bernardo
  • Sara Biancalana
  • Lili & Ralph Bien
  • Frank Bliss
  • Larry Bock
  • Dave Bonini
  • Jenea Boshart
  • Rafael Bousso
  • Ray Boyington
  • Shawn Bridgeman
  • Sally Bueno
  • Matt Bunting
  • Christopher Burleson
  • Diane Burnham
  • Dan Burns
  • Carlos Bustamante
  • David Buttaro
  • Christine Carli
  • Ricky Castaneda
  • Annie Chien
  • Sunny Chu
  • Megan Chui
  • Anne Ciranni
  • Ken Crawford
  • Marcus Curry
  • Tony DeRose
  • Rochelle Dicker
  • Henri de Marcellus
  • Justin Dombrowski
  • Lenni & Marriner Eccles
  • David Ellison
  • Douglas Fairbairn
  • (Wild) Bill Ferrell
  • Kevin Ferrel
  • Stephanie Flores
  • Maribel & Jack Fraser
  • Alex Filippenko
  • Bill Forbes
  • Paula Frankel
  • Bruce Friedberg
  • Diane & Fred Friedberg
  • Adalyn Fyhrie
  • Bernice Gabriel
  • Alice Lloyd George
  • Tim Gerla
  • Heidi Gerster
  • Harvey Glasser
  • John Gnuse
  • Ellen Goldman
  • Carina Grunberg
  • raven hanna
  • Kishore Hari
  • Kasia Hayden
  • Sheldon Helms
  • Steve Henrikson
  • Kathy Heraghty
  • Paul Hewitt
  • Paulette Hiatt
  • Darlene Hiatt
  • Kirstin Hiyama
  • Holly Hobbs
  • Chris & Anoush Holaday
  • Morgan Howson
  • Louise Ing
  • Nasif Iskander
  • Caroline Jaffe
  • Michael Jennett
  • Al Jieh
  • Alvin Khaled
  • Isaac & Heidi Kikawada
  • Leslaw Kopec
  • Heidi & Mark Krahling
  • Cameron Kramlich
  • Doug & Raymonde Kramlich
  • Asya Landa
  • Greg Laughlin
  • Ching Li
  • Susan Louie
  • Marjorie Lu
  • Allan Lucas
  • Anne & Ed Lucas
  • Felipe Lucas
  • Kim Lucas
  • Will Lukach
  • Sam Mackness
  • Alex Mann
  • Herb Masters
  • Robin Marks
  • Craig McGarvey
  • Gene McGinnis
  • Chris McKay
  • Chris McKee
  • Dustin McKissen
  • Waleed Meleis
  • Chris Neumann
  • TuAnh Nguyen
  • Landon Noll
  • Bob Obana
  • Ira Okun
  • David Olson
  • Gregory Ossmann
  • Kevin Padian
  • Jeffrey Paris
  • Chris Perry
  • Mary Poffenroth
  • Jessica Pourian
  • Trudy Reagan
  • Thomas Rollins
  • Tinka Ross
  • Stuart Russell
  • Henry Rutgers
  • Katie & Ryan Rygg
  • Bob Seiderer
  • Mal Singer
  • Jenny Schneider
  • Johan Sosa
  • Norm Sperling
  • Gabriel Stahl
  • Bob Stephens
  • Jack Soares
  • Bea & Jim Strickland
  • Sawyer Tabony
  • Yvette Tang
  • Jinee Tao
  • Jill Tarter
  • Randi Thomas
  • Tyson Thomas
  • Lee Trampleasure
  • Teruo Utsumi
  • Bob Vincent
  • Dana Voskes
  • Paul Wais
  • Gary Wakai
  • Alfia Wallace
  • Kennita Watson
  • Dan Werthimer
  • Robert Weston
  • Peter Wexler
  • Jim & Lisa Willott
  • Tom Woosnam
  • Christine Wu
  • Helen Yao
  • Kathy Yao
  • Kathryn Yee
  • Benjamin Yin
  • Helen & Wing Ying
  • Min Yoon
  • David Zeff
  • Duff Zwald