Magic vs. Quantum Entanglement

Entanglement phenomena are the closest thing we have to reproducible magic, and even physicists can't agree as to what’s really going on. Is it spooky action at a distance, or retrocausality, or super-determinism of our choices? And what is a good skeptic to do when every explanatory option seems unacceptable — when nature forces us to train skepticism inward, towards our strongest intuitions? (General audiences welcome!)

Speaker Ken Wharton is Professor of Physics at San José State University. Dr. Wharton works to reconcile the two grandest physics theories (quantum mechanics and general relativity), and he is the author of popular, scientifically-accurate fiction.

Ken Wharton

WHAT: Magic vs. Quantum Entanglement
WHO: Ken Wharton, Professor of Physics, San José State University
WHERE: Splunk HQ, 270 Brannan Street, San Francisco
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WHEN: 2017-04-06 — 8:00 PM, Thursday, April 6, 2017

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