The Humble Spud – Aug 30

Potatoes are often invisible on one's plate, but this is a food you can rely on to soothe your soul and your stomach. Due to the humble spud's capacity to keep people alive in so many diverse environments, several cultures lay claim to originating it. The potato actually first emerged 10,000 years ago in highland South America. While introducing the science of the potato and its complexities of diversification, we will learn how it is farmed in its home and how pople are helping it adapt to the changing climate.

Our speaker, Dr. Christine Hastorf, is Professor of Anthropology at UC Berkeley. She also directs Cal's Archaeological Research Facility and McCown Archaeobotany Laboratory.

Dr. Christine A. Hastorf

WHAT: Humble Spud: The Potato's Wonderful History and Promising Future
WHO: Dr. Christine A. Hastorf, Professor of Anthropology, UC Berkeley []
WHERE: HopMonk Tavern, 224 Vintage Way, Novato, CA 94945 []
WHEN: 2022-08-30 — 7pm, Tuesday, August 30 (1.5 hour)

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