Hidden Vibrations – July 26

As humans, our appreciation of the natural world is tied to our senses — the sights, sounds, and smells we experience. Recent scientific research, however, has shown just how limited our viewpoint is. Most creatures on Earth perceive — and produce — vibrational signals that are imperceptible to humans. With the help of technology, researchers have finally started to open up this hidden world, unlocking key insights into animal biodiversity and animal evolution in general.

Our speaker, Dr. Damian Elias, is Associate Professor in the Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management Department at UC Berkeley. At the Elias Lab, he investigates the interplay among physics, behavior, and sexual selection that allows animals to produce and process complex stimuli.

Dr. Damian O. Elias

WHAT: The Hidden World of Vibrations
WHO: Dr. Damian O. Elias, Associate Professor, UC Berkeley [https://nature.berkeley.edu/eliaslab/]
WHERE: HopMonk Tavern, 224 Vintage Way, Novato, CA 94945 [https://www.hopmonk.com/novato]
WHEN: 2022-07-26 — 7pm, Tuesday, July 26 (1.5 hour)

This unticketed, admission-free, Wonderfest event will be COVID-free, as well. Please be vaccinated, and please wear a mask (except when dining/drinking). The warm feeling of Wondernaut(!) camaraderie radiates through masks and across wide seat-spacing. Please join us! Kindly consider donating to nonprofit Wonderfest in the Eventbrite space, below. (Ignore any mention of "tickets" or "sales.")