Exploring Mars: the Next 100yrs

MARS BECKONS. In remembrance of the dawn of human spaceflight, and in anticipation of coming interplanetary exploration, Wonderfest joins the California Academy of Science to celebrate Yuri's Night 2017. We present two science visionaries who understand the promise and excitement of space exploration:

  • At 7:30pm, The SETI Insititute's Pascal Lee, co-founder of the Mars Institute, presents Mission to Mars: The First Human Journeys to the Red Planet.
  • At 8:30pm, NASA Planetary Scientist Chris McKay looks even further ahead with The Long View of Mars: Biology, Humans, and Terraforming.

Please join in this special Wonderfest contribution to Yuri's NightLife by purchasing tickets via the Cal Academy link below. [Note: adults 21+ only.]

WHAT: Exploring Mars, the Next 100 Years
WHO: Pascal Lee & Chris McKay
WHERE: California Academy of Sciences, 55 Music Concourse Drive, San Francisco
WHEN: 2017-04-13 6:00pm, Thursday, April 13, 2017