Bees (Apr.6), a New Venue, & Our Science Heritage (Apr.15)

Dear Wonderfest friend,

Bees are amazing critters. They build ideal hexagonal honeycombs; they communicate through dance; and they solve the “traveling salesman” math problem while pollinating $20 billion worth of US crops each year. On Monday, April 6, at 7 PM, Wonderfest and Ask a Scientist present Noah Wilson-Rich, PhD — author, beekeeper, and Chief Scientist at The Best Bees Company — on Our Future with Bees.

Please join Dr. Wilson-Rich at a brand new Wonderfest venue: PianoFight. This new club is located in San Francisco at 144 Taylor Street. We and the bees will occupy PianoFight’s main dining/performance area where “classic California Americana and a twist on nostalgic concessions” will be served along with beer, wine, and vintage cocktails. This event is FREE, but please register here. Also, arrive early to enjoy the food & drink AND to make sure that you get a seat!

Science of Ancient Greece and Rome

Nine days later, on Wednesday, April 15, Wonderfest and Ask a Scientist will take a deep look at our ancient scientific heritage when we present The Sciences in Ancient Greece and Rome: How Far Did They Get? at Oakland’s Chabot Space and Science Center. Our dynamic speaker, Dr. Richard Carrier, will reveal just how much the Greeks and Romans achieved — and how close they got to their own scientific revolution. Please purchase tickets directly from Chabot.

Wondrous regards,

Tucker Hiatt