BAD PHYSICS: Five Common Misconceptions in the Most Basic Science, Jan 13

 Bad Physics

From Aristotle to Einstein, great minds have failed to grasp basic ideas in physics. Aristotle thought that all objects naturally prefer to be at rest; Einstein believed that, “God does not play dice.” Both these geniuses were mistaken, and, today, plenty of everyday geniuses continue to misunderstand key ideas in the most basic of the sciences.
Please join celebrated* physics teacher Tucker Hiatt in exploring five of the juiciest misconceptions that plague our “common-sense” understanding of the way the universe works:
• The Earth moves through space.
• Nature loves all energies equally.
• Radiation is dangerous.
• Mass can be converted into energy according to E=mc^2.
• God does not play dice.
  • WHAT:  Secrets of the Sleeping Brain
  • WHO: Tucker Hiatt, Wonderfest Executive Director & former Stanford Visiting Scholar
  • WHEN: 7:00 PM, Tuesday, January 13, 2015
  • WHERE:  StrEat Food Park, 428 – 11th Street, San Francisco 94103 <>
  • HOW:   FREE admission, but please register with Eventbrite. Co-produced with Ask a Scientist (
  • WHY:  Because we’re curious creatures.

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