Neural Engagement; Algorithmic Manipulation – May 17

Wonderfest Science Envoys are early-career researchers with special communication skills and aspirations. Following short talks on provocative modern science topics, these two Science Envoys will answer questions with insight and enthusiasm:

• Stanford neuroeconomist Tara Srirangarajan on Neural Engagement With Nature Imagery — The power of Internet media to capture attention, inspire emotions, and motivate behavior pervades much of modern life. Nature imagery — from pets to wildlife to landscapes — engages the public toward a variety of ends. Understanding the neural mechanisms that underlie the effect of such imagery can drive prosocial action on climate change and other environmental issues. 

• UC Berkeley computer scientist Micah Carroll on Manipulation via Social Media Algorithms — A new class of AI algorithm is working to maximize user engagement across social media — actually trying to change the user in order to make more money for parent Internet companies. When we browse online social content, e.g. on Instagram or TikTok, exactly how will AI play with our minds?

WHAT: Ask a Science Envoy: Neural Engagement & Algorithmic Manipulation
WHO: Tara Srirangarajan (Stanford) & Micah Carroll (UC Berkeley), Wonderfest Science Envoys
WHERE: ONLINE, via Zoom []
WHEN: 2022-05-17 — 8pm, Tuesday, May 17th (1 hour)

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