Wonderfest hosts special NOVA screening with David Pogue

Dear Wonderfest friends,
Are you available for short-notice excitement?  David Pogue, heir to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s host position at NOVA ScienceNOW, will present a special screening of NOVA’s Hunting the Elements next Wednesday, April 4, at the Randall Museum Theater.
YOU are invited to this free event hosted by Wonderfest.  Exploits will begin at 8:00 PM with an introduction and behind-the-scenes exposé by the witty Pogue.  Then, a bit before 9:00, we’ll start “Hunting the Elements” on Randall’s big screen.  Here is a preview of the show.
                                                    Hunting the Elements promo image 
And here are the particulars:
WHO:  David Pogue, host for PBS-NOVA and columnist for Scientific American & the NY Times
WHAT:  A special screening of  Hunting the Elements plus a behind-the-scenes confessional(!)
WHEN:  8:00 – 11:00 PM, Wednesday, April 4, 2012
WHERE:  Randall Museum Theater, 199 Museum Way, San Francisco, CA 94114
HOW:  FREE.  Co-presented with the Bay Area Science Festival.
See you at 8:00 next Wednesday, … but I suggest that you arrive early!
– Tucker
P.S.  Please don’t forget about Wonderfest’s presentation of Incomplete Nature: How Mind Emerged from Matter on Wednesday, April 18.  Prof. Terrence Deacon, UC Berkeley neuroscientist and Anthropology Department chair, will offer exciting new insights into purpose, feeling, and meaning — i.e., into our understanding of consciousness!
P.P.S.  SkeptiCal 2012, the Northern California Science and Skepticism Conference, happens in the Berkeley Marina on Saturday, April 21.  Featured speakers include UC’s Alison Gopnik on the Philosophical Baby, NASA’s David Morrison on Doomsday 2012, and Miracle Detective’s Indre Viskontas on Why debunking often falls flat.  Discount tickets to SkeptiCal are available here, but only until April 1st.  No fooling’!