Why Study Apes? – Mar27

Jane Goodall may be the world's foremost expert on our genetic and behavioral kin, the chimpanzees. She is certainly a brave and thoughtful steward of planet Earth. In the 2017 documentary Jane, we see the young, untrained researcher challenge scientific consensus on the road to revolutionizing people's understanding of the natural world.
Alongside the Cameo Cinema's screening of the highly acclaimed Jane (99% Fresh at RottenTomatoes), Wonderfest presents UC Davis anthropologist Kelly Harcourt on "Why Study Apes?" Dr. Harcourt studied mountain gorillas (with, among others, Dian Fossey) in central and east Africa. Since 1989, she and her husband have produced numerous scientific and popular publications, including their 2007 book, Gorilla Society.

Dr. Kelly Stewart Harcourt

WHAT: JANE & Why Study Apes?
WHO: Dr. Kelly Stewart Harcourt, Research Associate, UC Davis
WHERE: Cameo Cinema, 1340 Main Street, St. Helena, CA [http://www.cameocinema.com/index.html]
WHEN: 2018-03-27 — 5:00pm, Tuesday, March 27, 2018
HOW: Purchase tickets for this special Science On Screen event via the Cameo Cinema box office "Tickets" link, below.