Wallace’s Evolution – Mar 26

In 1858, two friends and colleagues, Alfred Wallace and Charles Darwin, independently proposed one of the deepest ideas in all of science, evolution by natural selection. However, Wallace's extraordinary — and extraordinarily successful — quest to understand how evolution works is not well known. The story is riveting: a man of modest backbround, driven by curiosity, and persisting through immense hardships in remote lands, Wallace finally discovers the process which drives the evolution of all life on Earth.

Our speaker, Dr. George Beccaloni, is a zoologist, evolutionary biologist, and science historian who served as an entomologist at London's Natural History Museum for more than 20 years. He was the historical consultant for a multiple award-winning BBC series about Alfred Wallace, and he is the founding director of the Wallace Correspondence Project.

Dr. George Beccaloni

WHAT: Wallace, Darwin, and the Discovery of Evolution by Natural Selection
WHO: Dr. George Beccaloni, Zoologist, Evolutionary Biologist, Science Historian
WHERE: ONLINE via Zoom, Find the Zoom URL at the REGISTRATION website, below.
WHEN: 2023-03-26 — 1:00pm PDT, Sun, Mar 26 (1 hour)

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