Trustworthy AI – Sep 25

The world we live in is wildly complex and open-ended. Despite the excitement surrounding AI, building an artificial intelligence that rivals or exceeds human levels in dealing with that world is far more difficult than we once believed. How can we create AI worthy of our trust when solving real-world problems — in our hospitals, on our roadways, and in our homes?

Speaker Gary Marcus is former Professor of Psychology at NYU and Founding CEO at Geometric Intelligence, Inc. His new book, cowritten with NYU computer scientist Ernest Davis, is "Rebooting AI: Building Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust."

Dr. Gary Marcus

WHAT: Building Trustworthy AI
WHO: Dr. Gary Marcus, psychologist, author, & entrepreneur
WHERE: BookShop West Portal, 80 W. Portal Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94127 []
WHEN: 2019-09-25 — 7pm, Wed, September 25 (1.5 hrs)

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