The Very First Stars – Nov 4

The Big Bang theory, describing the origin of our universe, is very well established today. We have ample evidence that the universe originated from a hot "singularity," then expanded and cooled over time. Nevertheless, there is still a missing piece of the cosmic puzzle: How did the first stars form?! This presentation will explore the observational challenges we face in answering such a fundamental question.

Our speaker, Deepthi Gorthi, is a 5th-year doctoral student in the UC Berkeley Astronomy Department. She is also a Wonderfest Science Envoy.

Deepthi Gorthi

WHAT: The Very First Stars
WHO: Deepthi Gorthi, UC Berkeley Astronomy Department
WHERE: Osher Marin JCC, 200 North San Pedro Rd., San Rafael, CA 94930
WHEN: 2019-11-04 — 1pm, Monday, Nov 4 (1.5 hrs)

At-the-door registration for this event costs $12. Advance registration — by phone at 415-444-8000 — costs $10.

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