The Milky Way – Aug 17

Once upon a time, the Milky Way was heavenly milk squirted from the breast of Greek goddess Hera. Today, it is a vast galaxy, an "island universe," of almost unimaginable proportions. (A light beam will circle Earth 7 times in a second; but to span the planets, stars, black holes, and dark matter of the Milky Way, light needs more than 100,000 years!) Astronomer and folklorist Dr. Moiya McTier explores this vastness in her new book, The Milky Way: An Autobiography of Our Galaxy. According to Caltech physicist and author Sean Carroll (next month's Commonwealth/Wonderfest speaker): "It's about time we heard the story of the Milky Way in its own words. The good news is that our galaxy is not only ancient and magestic; it's also whimisical, amusing, and downright chatty. Moiya McTier's book is an entertaining introduction to some of the most profound features of our astrophysical neighborhood."  

Dr. Moiya McTier is "folklorist to the stars and astrophysicist to the folks." She earned bachelors degrees in astrophysics and folklore/mythology from Harvard University, and an astronomy PhD from Columbia University. Dr. McTier will be interviewed by Gerald Harris, Commonwealth Club governor.

Dr. Moiya McTier

WHAT: Understanding the Milky Way
WHO: Dr. Moiya McTier, Astrophysicist & Folklorist []
WHEN: 2022-08-17 — 3pm, Wed, August 17 (1 hour)

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