The Big One: Fact & Fiction – May 16

Scientists know, as well as we know the sun will rise tomorrow, that California will experience another large earthquake. But what details do we have? What will this earthquake be like? How accurate is the portrayal we see on television? Earth & planetary scientist William Hawley will answer these questions — and more — in a moving dive into the world of seismology.
William Hawley is a seismologist and advanced PhD candidate in UC Berkeley's Department of Earth & Planetary Science. He is also a Wonderfest "Science Envoy," a compelling and well-trained science communicator.

William B. Hawley

WHAT: The Big One: Earthquake Fact & Fiction
WHO: William B. Hawley, Department of Earth & Planetary Science, UC Berkeley
WHERE: Osher Marin JCC, 200 North San Pedro Road, San Rafael []
WHEN: 2018-05-16 — 1:00pm, Wednesday, May 16, 2018
HOW: Please register early for this Wonderfest event by calling the Marin JCC at 415-444-8000. Self-declared "friends of Wonderfest" receive the JCC member discount ticket price of $7. (When registering, note that the JCC may be using this event title: "Learning Unlimited: The Earthquake Prediction Predicament.")