The Science of Magic – May 23

From ancient conjurers to quick-handed pickpockets to big ticket Las Vegas illusionists, magicians throughout the ages have expertly manipulated human attention and perception to dazzle and delight us (or scare us, or steal from us). You know it’s a trick, but you must admit: it still freaks you out when someone seems to defy the laws of nature right before your eyes.

Wonderfest's The Science of Magic will showcase a dynamic trio of talent. Our neuroscientist (who doubles as a magician) is Luigi Anzivino, PhD in behavioral neuroscience. Dr. Anzivino will unlock the secrets of how we process information and how tricksters manipulate our senses. Marc “Zeke” Kossover, educator at The Exploratorium, will enlighten us with real-world physical phenomena (natural magic) that charlatans use to deceive us. Zeke was selected to be an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow at the National Science Foundation. Our world-class professional magician to confound the senses is Robert Strong. Robert has performed in 47 countries, in all 50 states, and twice at the White House. He was twice voted San Francisco’s "Best Magician."

WHAT: The Science of Magic
WHO: Luigi Anzivino, Marc "Zeke" Kossover, Robert Strong, Dynamic Trio
WHEN: 2019-05-23 — 6:30pm, Thur, May 23 (1.5 hrs)

The Science of Magic is co-produced by Wonderfest, Castro Valley Science (CVS), and Castro Valley Educational Foundation (CVEF). Donations made (during FREE registration via the Eventbrite box, below) will be shared among CVS, CVEF, and Wonderfest.

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