“Radical Physics” offers the Rules of Existence

Dear friends of Wonderfest,

Midway through the fourth Mission:Impossible movie (Ghost Protocol), Tom Cruise jumps out of a car at 55 mph. Later, he “drives” a car into a concrete floor at 100 mph. Of course, Tom survives these two traumas handsomely. Our conception of reality (the laws of physics, in particular) is not so lucky.
Wonderfest announces a new video series dedicated to reality and the laws of physics*.  Radical Physics pokes enlightening fun at movie action scenes, including those in Ghost Protocol.  (By the way, M:I Ghost Protocol earns an RPMA rating of PGP-13.)
                            M:I Ghost Protocol poster     RPMA ratings system
Radical Physics also presents interviews with noted science experts. The first interview series features astronomer Andrew Fraknoi discussing the origins of our atoms, the plight of Pluto, and what it’s like to fall into a black hole.
But the heart of Radical Physics—the “taproot” series of videos—deals with the fundamental ideas of physics: matter & energy, space & time, stability & change. Physics is the most fundamental science. Here is an engaging tutorial that’s good for the casually curious and the seriously studious.
                                                                         Radical Physics logo 
If you’ve ever needed a firmer grasp on the “rules of existence,” then Radical Physics is for you. Please check it  out. Perhaps more important, please share this Radical Physics link with every curious person you know!
Wonderous regards,
– Tucker Hiatt
Wonderfest Executive Director
P.S.  Reminder: UC Berkeley’s Terrence Deacon reveals his insights into consciousness TONIGHT at 7:00 PM in San Francisco. Here’s the scoop: Incomplete Nature.
* Are these laws important? Well, Stanford’s Leonard Susskind refers to them as “the rules of existence”!