Planets Everywhere, Jun19

Since 2009, the NASA Kepler space telescope has found thousands of planets orbiting other stars, revolutionizing our understanding of planets and our own Earth. Among the planets discovered by Kepler are a few rare jewels: Earth-size planets with Earth-like temperatures. We’ll explore these worlds, how they were found, and how Kepler has sparked the exciting effort to find more Other Earths, and measure their atmospheres to find signs of life.
Our speaker, NASA's Steve Bryson, is a mathematical physicist at Ames Research Center in Mountain View. His work as part of the Kepler Mission Team contributed to the discovery of MANY new worlds orbiting other stars. Dr. Bryson lives in Marin, and he occasionally teaches adult-education classes at the California Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Steve Bryson

WHAT: Planets Everywhere: Kepler's Legacy and the Search for Other Earths
WHO: Dr. Steve Bryson, Researcher, NASA Ames Research Center
WHERE: Trek Winery, 1026 Machin Avenue, Novato
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WHEN: 2017-06-19 — 8:00pm, Monday, June 19, 2017
HOW: This FREE Wonderfest event is presented as part of NASA's Kepler Exoplanet Week. Kindly be sure to register, below.