Never Home Alone – Jan 10

After nearly three years of increased "sheltering at home," you may have noticed more six-legged critters sharing your shelter. Scientists, too, have been taking a closer look at these more numerous (and more brazen?) insect invaders. What surprising findings have the researchers uncovered?

Our speaker is Dr. Vernard Lewis, Cooperative Extension Specialist (emeritus) at UC Berkeley. Dr. Lewis is a global authority on termites, and his research has explored other home-invading creepy-crawlers: ants, bedbugs, and cockroaches.

Dr. Vernard Lewis

WHAT: Never Home Alone: Six-Legged Invaders Under Your Roof
WHO: Dr. Vernard Lewis, Cooperative Extension Specialist, Emeritus, UC Berkeley
WHERE: ONLINE, via Zoom [URL pending]
WHEN: 2023-01-10 — 8pm, Tue, January 10th (1 hour)