Near-Earth Asteroids, online – May16

Near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) are small solar system bodies in orbits that come near — or cross — the orbit of Earth. This illustrated online presentation will explore NEAs as unique physical worlds, as impact hazards to Earth, and as accessible destinations for spacecraft. Access the presentation at the Mt Tam Astronomy YouTube channel, linked below.

Our speaker, Dr. Michael Busch, is Research Scientist at the SETI Institute in Mountain View. He will answer questions during the video premiere via the YouTube "chat" bar.

Dr. Michael Busch

WHAT: Near-Earth Asteroids: Impact Hazards and Space Missions
WHO: Dr. Michael Busch, Research Scientist, SETI Institute
WHERE: Mt Tam Astronomy YouTube Channel []
WHEN: 2020-05-16 — 7:30, Saturday, May 16 (1 hour)

This Wonderfest + Mt Tam Astronomy presentation will take place ONLINE as a YouTube video "Premiere" with LIVE chat Q&A.

Public health protection has moved this presentation from its originally-planned Mount Tamalpais venue to the Mt.Tam Astronomy YouTube channel. Please "tune in" at the originally-planned event start-time (7:30pm, Saturday, May 16) at the following website:  Thereafter, the video will also be available at the Wonderfest Science YouTube channel:

This online event is jointly presented by the Friends of Mt. Tam, the San Francisco Amateur Astronomers, and Wonderfest.