The Most Famous Equation – Feb 24

Around the world, people recognize that E=mc^2 oozes cosmic insight. But what does this "most famous equation" really say? What are energy and mass? And what makes the speed of light, c, so important? [Hint: mass, moving at speed c, doesn't turn into energy!] Using little more than common experience and middle-school math, Einstein's "special relativity" gem can come to life — with surprising insights into the nature of reality.

Speaker Tucker Hiatt, founding director of Wonderfest, has taught physics for a looong time. In 2006, he won the Amgen Award for Science Teaching Excellence, and, from 2008 to 2014, he was a Visiting Scholar in the Stanford Chemistry Department.

Tucker Hiatt

WHAT: The Most Famous Equation
WHO: Tucker Hiatt, Wonderfest Founding Director
WHERE: ONLINE at this Zoom address: []
WHEN: 2021-02-24 — 8pm PST, Wed, Feb 24 (1 hour)

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