Dana Kralicek

Wonderfest Science Envoy 2019

Dana Kralicek is a high-spirited and gregarious engineer, who loves coffee, ska punk, Star Trek, and scientific outreach. Motivated by her dream of developing a tricorder, she earned a BS in Optical Science and Engineering from the University of Arizona, and now she creates biological tests for point-of-care settings, like roadside DUI stops, home testing, and remote clinics. By picking up on incredibly small changes in magnetic fields from magnetic nanoparticles, she uses magnetically-sensitive sensors to quickly detect small molecules (like drugs, steroids, and hormones) in non-invasive biological fluids (like saliva, urine and blood). She is currently a PhD Candidate in Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University, and was nominated to be a Science Envoy by her PI, Shan X Wang.