A.I. & “Crucible” – Jan 14

After Michael Crichton, but before Andy Weir, there was — and is — sci-tech thriller writer James Rollins. This New York Times #1 bestselling author has been featuring cutting-edge science and technology in his novels for 20 years. In his latest work, Crucible, Rollins explores how groundbreaking research in artificial intelligence may shine light onto the Spanish Inquisition and medieval witchcraft. Wonderfest joins BookShop West Portal in presenting James Rollins on A.I. in Crucible.

WHAT: Author James Rollins on A.I. in his "Crucible"
WHO: James Rollins, Bestselling Author of sci-tech thrillers
WHERE: BookShop West Portal, 80 W. Portal Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94127
Map: [https://goo.gl/maps/DG6z8tKq6Em]
WHEN: 2019-01-14 — 7:00pm, Monday, January 14, 2019

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