Is Anybody Out There? – Apr24

NASA's Kepler mission has determined that hospitable planets — just in our Milky Way Galaxy — number in the billions! Can we really be alone in this marvelous universe?
The Breakthrough Prize Foundation has committed $100 Million to UC Berkeley and other institutions for the most comprehensive Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) ever conducted. Chief Scientist of Berkeley SETI, Dan Werthimer, will describe the rationale for past and future searches, and will show how new technologies are revolutionizing SETI.

Dan Werthimer

WHAT: IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
WHO: Dan Werthimer, Chief Scientist, Berkeley SETI
WHERE: Osher Marin JCC, 200 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafael []
WHEN: 2017-04-24 1:00pm, Monday, April 24, 2017
HOW: Co-produced by Wonderfest and the Marin JCC. Please register ($10) by calling 415-444-8000.