The Heart of Matter – Jan 22

Physics has always sought to deepen our understanding of reality, particularly our concept of matter. Today, city-size machines crash together particles — at nearly the speed of light — that are a trillion times smaller than a grain of sand. The resulting insights have both theoretical and practical value: a more profound (and weird) concept of existence, and new technologies such as diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy. Wonderfest joins BookShop West Portal — online — to present physicist Dr. Suzie Sheehy in discussion of her new book The Matter of Everything: How Curiosity, Physics, and Improbable Experiments Changed the World. [Image: The ATLAS detector of CERN's Large Hadron Collider]

Dr. Suzie Sheehy is a physicist, science communicator, and academic who divides her time between research groups at England's University of Oxford and Australia's University of Melbourne.

Dr. Suzie Sheehy

WHAT: Probing the Heart of Matter
WHO: Dr. Suzie Sheehy, Accelerator Physicist, Universities of Oxford & Melbourne []
WHERE: ONLINE, via Zoom []
WHEN: 2023-01-22 — 1 PM, Sunday, Jan 22 (1 hour)

To purchase Dr. Sheehy's new book, The Matter of Everything, visit BookShop West Portal's "Collaborators" link, below. And to support the cause of science outreach, please consider a donation to nonprofit Wonderfest — via the Eventbrite space below. Ignore any mention of Tickets or Sales because this event is entirely free and unticketed.

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