Deepthi Gorthi

Wonderfest Science Envoy 2019

Deepthi Gorthi is a fourth year graduate student in the Department of Astronomy at the University of California, Berkeley. Deepthi grew up in the noisy city of Hyderabad in South India, and went to undergrad in the starkly contrasting, remote university town of Pilani in Rajasthan. Growing up in a culture that values education for the purpose of profession, it was difficult for her to find the encouragement and resources needed to pursue an esoteric field like astronomy. Deepthi moved to America three years ago to pursue her doctoral studies, and, along with research, she has found an enthusiasm for teaching. She is looking forward to moving back to India after graduate school and implementing the knowledge she has acquired here. She wants to teach radio astronomy to high school students and undergraduates and encourage them to pursue careers in science research.