Good Philosophy, a 2-for-1 deal, and Bad Physics

Dear Wonderfest friend,

Precious few things are unequivocally good. Perhaps… love? …science? …an unexpected meal??
Of course, Wonderfest focuses on science. Wonderfest’s philosophy holds that the verifiable understanding of reality is an unequivocally good thing. It’s good for individual wellbeing, and it’s good for society. Wonderfest promotes the scientific outlook through its live presentations (experienced by 25,000 people since 1997) and its videos (watched by 1 million).
Will you help promote the scientific outlook by supporting Wonderfest? Will you become a formal Wonderfest Patron: donating as little as $1 per month while receiving interesting rewards and getting a tax deduction? (BTW, you can discontinue your Wonderfest patronage at any time; this is not a risky venture!)
As the Medici were patrons of 16th-century Florentine art, might you be a small-scale Patron (with a capital P) of 21st-century Bay Area science?
SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY — If you become a Wonderfest Patron by December 31st, you can bask in the warm glow of these two bonuses:
1) You will become a Wonderfest Founding Patron (since our Patron Program is still in its first year).
2) Your patronage will be MATCHED/DOUBLED dollar-for-dollar by an anonymous Prime Patron*!
As you consider this doubled-donation opportunity, please note some of the good work that Wonderfest’s directors have accomplished in just this past year: 
  • Our Science Envoy Program trained Cal and Stanford PhD students to become the next generation of expert science communicators — the Carl Sagans, Jane Goodalls, and Neil deGrasse Tysons of tomorrow.
  • Wonderfest injected accurate and engaging science into other groups’ educational projects. Check out our work with TED-EdChabot Space & Science Center, and the Commonwealth Club.
  • With funding from AT&T, Wonderfest produced Physics Meets the Monsters, a video series that encourages the study of introductory physics. For so many youngsters, physics can be THE gateway course to advanced science and engineering … and to fundamental intellectual growth.
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Will you please become a Wonderfest Founding Patron? Your thoughtful tax-deductible donations will be MATCHED/DOUBLED, and you’ll be supporting the unequivocal good that is public scientific enlightenment.
Wondrous regards,
Tucker Hiatt
Founding Executive Director
P.S. On the evening of Tuesday, January 13, Wonderfest will present BAD PHYSICS: Five Common Misconceptions About the Most Basic Science. Please click here to learn about this FREE exploration of simple yet deep insights into relativity, energy, radiation, E=mc^2, and quantum physics.
* These new double-donations will be provided every month into the foreseeable future, and will be expressed in the increased monthly donations of the Prime Patron.