Geometry,Symmetry,Topology – Jul 28

Mathematicians, artists, engineers, and designers use three broad concepts to develop their creations: geometry, symmetry, and topology. We will clarify and explore these three subjects to see how they are applied in the understanding of mathematical knots and in the analysis and design of abstract geometric sculptures: math and art embracing one another, knotted together beautifully!

Our speaker, Carlo Séquin, is Professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley. Known for his accomplishments in computer design and architecture, Dr. Séquin is also expert in computer graphics and abstract geometric art.

Dr. Carlo Séquin

WHAT: The Magic Powers of Geometry, Symmetry, & Topology
WHO: Dr. Carlo Séquin, Professor of Computer Science, UC Berkeley []
WHERE: ONLINE, via Zoom []
WHEN: 2021-07-28 — 7:30p PDT, Wed, July 28 (1 hour)

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