A fortnight (minus 1) until Wonderfest

Are you fortifying your curiosity, sharpening your wit, and generally prepping your noggin?  I hope so, because the Bay Area Festival of Science is just two weekends away!

Wonderfest 2010 happens at Stanford’s Hewlett Teaching Center on Saturday, Nov. 6, and at Cal’s Stanley Hall on Sunday, Nov. 7.  Please REGISTER NOW so that we can better understand who and how many will attend.  Please check here for the (nearly) full schedule of events.

That schedule is only “nearly” full because of the many exciting informal presentations that constitute Wonderfest’s Amateur Science Forum (at Stanford on Saturday) and the Bay Area Science Expo (at Cal on Sunday).  Consider, for example, Zeke Kossover’s Physics Circus.  The Circus comes to town at both the Forum and the Expo.  Marc “Zeke” Kossover is an award-winning teacher and showman who would—and will—lie on a bed of nails and walk on broken glass to help make the laws of physics come alive.

Also at both the Forum and the Expo will be the artists of Science Tarot offering their new deck of non-supernatural beauties.  Originally just a pack of cards for playing mid-15th century games of skill and chance, more recent incarnations of the tarot deck have decidedly occult overtones.  Now, however, a group of science-inspired artists has transformed the deck into a tribute to reason, experimentation, and wonder.  The artists will be showing their own non-tarot art, as well, at the Forum, and will be offering art for sale at the Expo.

Come to Wonderfest for its signature dialogues—this year about mathematics, synthetic biology, videogaming, human behavior, climate engineering, and the structure of the universe—but come also for the sheer love of science evident in the Forum and Expo.  Don’t miss our science comedians as well as the live podcast of This Week In Science with Dr. Kiki Sanford.  Enjoy presentations like the Physics Circus and invest in art like the Science Tarot deck.  Then I can almost guarantee you good fortune.

Sincerely, except for the guarantee  😎

Tucker Hiatt, Wonderfest Director

P.S.  Do you know a local science-lovin’ individual or group that should be a presenter/exhibitor at Wonderfest’s Forum or Expo?  Please let me know, too, and I will investigate.