Exploring Mars – Jul 26

[Image: NASA artist's rendering]

In 2021, three nations are sending missions to the Red Planet — including NASA's Perseverance rover with the first Mars helicopter, Ingenuity. Ancient Mars was much like Earth, with rivers, lakes, and possibly the stirrings of life; but how has it changed? Using beautiful color images from the latest space probes, astronomer Andrew Fraknoi will reveal what we know, and what we hope to discover, about the alien world next door.

Andrew Fraknoi is Emeritus Chair of the Foothill College Astronomy Department. Professor Franknoi was the first recipient of Wonderfest's Carl Sagan Prize for Science Popularization, and we're delighted that he will inaugurate Wonderfest's post-COVID return to in-person science gatherings.

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Andrew Fraknoi

WHAT: Rovers, Helicopters, & Ancient Martians: Why We Explore Mars
WHO: Andrew Fraknoi, Emeritus Chair, Astronomy Department, Foothill College [http://fraknoi.com]
WHERE: HopMonk Tavern "Session Room," Novato, 224 Vintage Way, Novato [https://www.hopmonk.com/novato]
WHEN: 2021-07-26 — 7:00pm, Mon, July 26th (1.5 hr)

To attend this FREE in-person event, full COVID vaccination is required, and (when not enjoying HopMonk food/drink) mask-wearing is welcomed. Please consider using the Eventbrite space below to contribute to nonprofit Wonderfest's work for public enlightenment through science understanding.

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