Democracy in Infancy

In recent decades, developmental psychologists' discoveries about the powerful cognitive mechanisms that underlie children's early learning have led them to dub children "little scientists." Appreciating the surprising potential in children’s natural abilities to solve problems, reason, and experiment can help us make better decisions for our families and communities. In addition, the lessons we can learn from young children’s cognitive flexibility — including their abilities to seek evidence and change their beliefs — are a model for 21st-century cognitive citizenship.
Speaker Mariel Goddu is a cognitive psychologist and advanced PhD candidate at UC Berkeley. She is also a Wonderfest "Science Envoy," a thoughtful and compelling science communicator.

Mariel Goddu

WHAT: Democracy in Infancy: Early Cognitive Development and Good Citizenship
WHO: Mariel Goddu, Psychology Department, UC Berkeley
WHERE: Osher Marin JCC, 200 North San Pedro Road, San Rafael []
WHEN: 2018-09-25 — 1:00pm, Tuesday, September 25, 2018
HOW: Please register early for this Wonderfest event by calling the Marin JCC at 415-444-8000. Self-declared "friends of Wonderfest" receive the JCC member discount ticket price of $8 when registering before September 25th. (During registration, note that the JCC may be using this event title: "Learning Unlimited: Cognitive Development & Good Citizenship.")