Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, February 11 (before sunrise), 2021

I want to let you know of a celestial event that will be visible on the morning of Thursday, Feb. 11, about 20-30 minutes *before* local sunrise: Venus and Jupiter will appear close together in the sky, similar to what was seen in the December evening sky for Jupiter/Saturn (but they won’t be quite as close together).

To see this “conjunction,” find a location with a very clear, *low*, southeast horizon (no buildings, trees, or hills in the way). Better to arrive somewhat earlier than 30 minutes before sunrise and start looking southeast; the planets will be rising. If you arrive too late, closer to sunrise, they will be higher in the sky but not visible because of the sky brightness.

Venus and Jupiter should be visible to the unaided eye, though using binoculars could help you locate them. They will be the brightest “stars” in the sky. (By the way, the planets will appear nearly as close to one another Feb. 9, 10, 12, and 13 as well — this may be useful to know if the weather forecast for Feb. 11 in your area isn’t favorable.)