The Blueprints of Life – Sep 27

Although humanity now knows the genetic sequences of many animals (including ourselves), the functions of these sequences -- the blueprints of life, so to speak -- often remain a mystery. In recent years, we have harnessed the power of synthetic biology and theoretical physics to glean new understanding of these mysterious genetic sequences. This presentation will highlight some new ways of thinking that have led to breakthroughs in decoding the blueprints of life.

Our speaker, Dr. Jonahan Liu, is a computational biologist and data scientist at Chan-Zuckerberg Biohub. Upon receiving his PhD, Dr. Liu gave the Physics Department graduate commencement address at UC Berkeley.

Dr. Jonathan Liu

WHAT: Decoding the Blueprints of Life with Synthetic Biology & Physics
WHO: Dr. Jonathan Liu, Computational Biologist, Chan-Zuckerberg Biohub []
WHERE: HopMonk Tavern, 224 Vintage Way, Novato, CA 94945 []
WHEN: 2021-09-27 — 7:00pm, Monday, Sep 27 (1.5 hr)

This admission-free Wonderfest event will be COVID-free, as well, because we ask that attendees be vaccinated and masked. (Of course, lower masks to enjoy HopMonk food/drink.) The warm feeling of Wondernaut camaraderie radiates through masks and across social distances; please join us! Also, please consider contributing to Wonderfest's mission of science outreach in the Eventbrite space, below.