Fear of a Black Universe – Sep 24

In his latest book, Fear of a Black Universe: An Outsider's Guide to the Future of Physics, Brown University's Dr. Stephon Alexander explores some of nature's deepest questions. He uses the principles of invariance, quantization, and emergence to address ideas at the outer limits of physics, including even what happened before the big bang and what makes consciousness possible! Dr. Alexander argues that further progress in physics will likely be enhanced by embracing the excluded, listening to the formerly unheard, and being fearless in the face of possible error.

Dr. Stephon Alexander is Professor of Physics at Brown University. Access to this online conversation with the Commonwealth Club's George Hammond will be admission-free for registrants who apply the discount code WONDERFEST.

Dr. Stephon Alexander

WHAT: Fear of a Black Universe
WHO: Dr. Stephon Alexander, Professor of Physics, Brown University [https://www.stephonalexanderlab.com]
WHERE: ONLINE, with the Commonwealth Club (FREE wiwth discount code WONDERFEST) [https://www.commonwealthclub.org/events/2021-09-24/fear-black-universe]
WHEN: 2021-09-24 — 2pm PDT, Fri, Sep 24 (1 hour)

While taking event registration steps via the Commonwealth Club weblink above, apply discount code WONDERFEST to receive FREE admission ($5.50 otherwise).