Aging and Cancer – Aug 30

Aging greatly increases our susceptibility to a myriad of diseases, ranging from neurodegeneration to cancer. Given the very different tissues and manifestations of these diseases, aging researchers suspect there are basic aging processes that drive all or most of them. One such process is cellular senescence. Researchers, including those at Marin's Buck Center, are now beginning to understand the senescence response in some detail and, importantly, beginning to develop new drugs to deal with senescent cells.

Our presenter, Dr. Judith Campisi, is Professor of Biogerontology at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. She is also co-editor-in-chief of Aging Journal, and founder of the pharmaceutical company Unity Biotechnology.

Dr. Judith Campisi

WHAT: Aging and Cancer: Rival Demons?
WHO: Dr. Judith Campisi, Prof. of Biogerontology, Buck Institute []
WHERE: HopMonk Tavern's "Session Room", 224 Vintage Way, Novato []
WHEN: 2021-08-30 — 7pm, Mon, Aug 30 (1.5 hours)

To attend this FREE, in-person event, full COVID vaccination is required, as are masks (except while enjoying HopMonk food/drink). Please consider using the Eventbrite space below to contribute to nonprofit Wonderfest's work for public enlightenment through science understanding.