20th Anniversary Dinner, Aug12

In August 1997, Wonderfest presented its first science event: a public conversation between SETI pioneers Jill Tarter and Dan Werthimer. In August 2017, Wonderfest celebrates its 20th anniversary with dinner and deep insights at the Googleplex in Mountain View. This "by invitation only" event will feature three great Bay Area scientists answering the question, "What is the most wonderful feature of reality?"
  • UC Berkeley astronomer Alex Filippenko will answer: a rich universe.
  • Stanford chemist Richard Zare will answer: the origin of life.
  • Independent anthropologist Eugenie Scott will answer: creative Homo sapiens.
To attend this event, you must receive an invitation. Please read the "How" info in the gray box, below.
WHAT: Wonderfest's 20th Anniversary Dinner
WHO: Wonderfest Patrons AND Alex Filippenko, Eugenie Scott, Richard Zare
WHERE: Googleplex, Mountain View, — Location details provided upon invitation — (see "How," below)
WHEN: 2017-08-12 — 6:30pm, Saturday, August 12, 2017 (until 10pm)
HOW: To receive an email invitation for you and your guest, just become a NEW Wonderfest Patron at the "Planetary level" (or higher). Doing so will support science understanding in the Bay Area. It will also bring you the usual benefits of Planetary-level Wonderfest patronage along with the heady fun of our 20th Anniversary Celebration: a scrumptious buffet dinner (à la Google) and deep insights into three of the most wonderful features of reality. NEW "Planetary+ Patrons" (tax-deductible contributions of $5/month, or more) will receive these special invitations upon registration at the Patreon page, below.