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WonderCup Hall of Fame

WonderCup 2010 Champions

A team from Palo Alto High School won this year's Bechtel WonderCup Challenge. They were team "Bowser": Jacqueline Woo, Daniel Shan, Jenny Hong, and Michael Yuan, pictured below. The gent at right is the team's sponsor, Palo Alto High science teacher Shawn Leonard.

WonderCup 2009 Champions

Lynbrook High School: Jennifer Chen, Rahul Basu, Brandon Liu, Frances Guo

WonderCup 2008 Champions

Up Quarks from Albany High School surrounding Steven Chu, physics Nobel Prize winner. The Up Quarks are (from left to right): Janie Gu, Asia Kwan, George Shan, and Quentin Moy.

WonderCup 2007 Champions

Albany High School's “Top Quarks” Elise Cai, Quentin Moy, Ian Allen, and Jackie Quinn.

WonderCup 2006 Champions

Mission San Jose’s Chris Tandiono, Vivian Chou, Lyndon Zhang, and Jessie Chen; Norman Howell (faculty sponsor)

WonderCup 2005 Champions

Maggie Xiong, Amy Li, Chris Tandiono, and Darwin Fu of Mission San Jose High School in Fremont

WonderCup 2004 Champions

Mission San Jose’s Angela Xu, Jennifer Ryu, Kevin Koai, and Roger Fu; Kathleen Shanahan (Director of Corporate Communications for Wind River Systems)

WonderCup 2003 Champions

“The Top Quarks”
Jenny Liu, Xuan Luo, Peter Collister, and Anastassia Fedyk from Albany High School in Albany

WonderCup 2002 Champions

San Francisco University High School’s Andrew Bestwick, Andy Rosko, Jessica Davis, and Joanna Tong

WonderCup 2001 Champions

Lisa Hisaw, Elena Fabrikant, Kai Dai, and Ben Tseng of Mission San Jose High School